Cartics : Listen to your car

We have our eyes set on improving a car lover’s experience with his ride. The ability to understand our cars better has eluded us and we felt we needed a solution . We seldom know why our check engines light glow, the tariffs that we pay for huge service are often not justified or misleading, we … [Read more…]

What we learnt from Snapbox

Like all ventures, we were aimed at doing something novel and something that helps people in reducing their frustration. Snapbox ( was an app-only (Android and iPhone) way to send photo prints from anywhere (main target was NRI’s in US) in the world to India. 5 months into this venture, the growth has been par below … [Read more…]

Experience at Save the hacker (Edition two)

For a guy aspiring to be a starter, save the hacker was an appropriate platform to understand, what we, as a team can do in a little over 24 hours. We have to admit, it was not bed of roses for us. We had little/no exposure to hackathon events. The event started around 10 AM … [Read more…]