What we learnt from Snapbox

Like all ventures, we were¬†aimed at doing something novel and something that helps people in reducing their frustration. Snapbox (www.snapbox.co.in) was an app-only (Android and iPhone) way to send photo prints from anywhere (main target was NRI’s in US) in the world to India. 5 months into this venture, the growth has been par below average. While at the hindsight everything is clear, we underestimated the efforts needed to target only NRI.

The initial traction was not clearly planned out.

The importance of name (increasing our PR rankings on well established name was difficult)

Failure to evaluate if such a needed existed

With those in mind, we are venturing into our next idea

The decision was taken with lots of difficulties and it reminds us of the saying, “If you are going to eat shit, don’t nibble it”

Experience is invaluable and key lessons were learnt.

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