Tamil Tapz : A Growing Community and A Missed Opportunity

We launched Tamil Tapz back in Jan, 2015 . Our initial idea was to build indie version of Dubsmash (Dubsmash caught our eyes December,2014) . We were yet to put together a team and all of us were working at the time. We started off with a much simpler idea to share ‘audio clips’ to whatsapp and later move on to dubsmash indie version(we were planning to name it : Vada poche). But things got ramped up pretty quickly.

Our users loved Tamil Tapz and before we knew it, we overlooked Vada poche and started fine tuning Tamil Tapz (adding audios, push notifications, fb page and so on).

Three months later, Dubsmash literally blew out in India. Whilst we were sad for having missed an opportunity, we said to ourselves, “It would ve eventually happened (Dubsmash becoming an hit in India)”.

I opened Tamil Tapz statistics today and the numbers are still pretty impressive. We have had over 6000 installations and 2000 users currently use Tamil Tapz. We still work in it for our current users.

If you have used Tamil Tapz, Do drop a comment on how you felt on the app. Critics/ reviews / just about anything :)


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